The WBR Way

The complexities of the tax system mean that liabilities can arise in situations where no-one would expect there to be any charge. A host of special reliefs can allow deals to flow with only the normal level of intended tax cost. But accessing those reliefs – and avoiding other pitfalls – requires expert knowledge, attention to detail and often a degree of imagination.

We recognise that to deliver well-rounded advice of the highest standard we need to harness the collective knowledge and creativity of our tax experts. To that end, we have devised an approach that guides how we deliver our advice, and how we engage with our professional associates and their clients.

Getting to know you

The first stage of any project is that we need to get to know you, understand your current wealth, analyse your tax affairs and your commercial objectives.  This process does allow you to get to know us as well. 

Our tax experts brainstorm

Our clients want us to bring them options and ideas.  We have a team of highly qualified tax professionals, and we believe that we add value by bringing all that collective brainpower to work for you.  So we brainstorm regularly, usually with a holistic approach to a client’s commercial situation. 

Proposal and engagement

We like to give you a full picture of what the costs could be, so our proposals and engagement letters will usually give you a very good estimate of the total cost.  Where this is not possible at the outset, or where there are a number of different ways of proceeding, we will give you a phased cost proposal. 

Project delivery

Project management skills are embedded into our delivery model. Our tax specialists only work on advisory and consultancy projects, so this is a core part of what we do every day.


Many tax advisors may be able to give you an answer to a tax question.  Implementation is a completely different matter. We guide you through the whole process, applying for clearance applications, working with your accountant and legal advisors, ensuring that the project is implemented correctly. 


As important as it is to get the implementation correct, the reporting of the transaction to HM Revenue and Customs is just as important.  We provide guidance and assistance to your accountants to ensure that everything is reported as it should be.