What is a SSAS?

A Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) is a type of UK pension scheme typically set up by SMEs, family companies and entrepreneurs, for the benefit of the business owners and sometimes, key employees. SSASs are known for their flexibility, as scheme members (the directors or employees) act as trustees and have control over investment decisions within the framework of pension regulations.

Running a SSAS comes with responsibilities and requirements. Trustees need to ensure compliance with HMRC and The Pensions Regulator rules and regulations.

As experts, WBR SSAS is ideally placed to assist in how to set up a SSAS pension and offer professional advice on all matters SSAS. We welcome new clients.

Benefits of a SSAS

Control & Flexibility

All members are trustees and they control investment and all other decisions and appoint professionals to assist them.

Tax Efficiency

Enjoy tax benefits with tax-deductible company contributions, tax-free growth and income. Pass the pension fund to your nominated heirs, free of Inheritance Tax.



A wide range of investment options is allowable. This includes commercial property, often leased back to the business. A SSAS can also borrow to fund commercial property purchase.


Commercial Property

Many of our SSASs were originally set up as the company wished to invest in commercial property - often its own business premises. Today, this remains a significant and tax efficient attraction of a SSAS.

Loan Back

A SSAS can lend money to your company (subject to strict conditions), providing vital support, whilst the interest paid is free of tax and helps grow your retirement savings.

Wider Estate Planning

A SSAS facilitates the cascading down of assets and wealth to subsequent generations through the SSAS Pension trust structure.