What We Do

Our growing tax team are specialised in multiple areas of tax and are able to provide bespoke tax advice across a broad spectrum of planning opportunities. Our rigorous approach ensures we challenge assumptions and leave no stone unturned in the search for the most appropriate solutions.

Examples of areas where our specialist tax expertise can bring value to clients’ tax affairs and help them plan for the future in the best possible way.

Sale of Business, Management Buy Out, Succession Planning 

There are many tax efficient ways to sell your business.  Choosing the right one will depend on your own personal objectives and the demand for your business.  We can advise you how to get your business ready for sale, and we can help you through the process itself.

Business succession or sale - valuations

If you don’t understand how the market will value your business, you are unlikely to get the best price.  Business valuation examines the fundamentals of your own business, and compares this to statistical analysis and research into the wider market.  By helping you to identify the critical metrics that you need to hit, and how these can help you grow your business, you can achieve a better price.

Employee share incentives

An approved employee share scheme arrangement, which will usually come with generous tax reliefs, can help bind employees to the business, making the business more attractive to a buyer.  With a tax efficient design, the share scheme can be set up with minimum immediate cost and potentially significantly higher future reward.

Family wealth and estate planning

It is natural for families to want to protect the wealth they have generated as it passes from one generation to the next. Passing wealth during an individual’s lifetime or as part of an inheritance, can trigger significant tax costs. These and other threats, can be mitigated with careful planning and support from an inheritance tax specialist. Of particular relevance to business owners is Business Relief (‘BR’), where the value of a qualifying asset can be managed tax efficiently. There is also an array of other options our inheritance tax advisors can explore to manage an individual’s estate and to pass wealth efficiently.

Tax dispute resolutions

Dealing with an HMRC tax investigation can be a difficult and stressful experience. Our support can make it less. If you have received an HMRC enquiry notice, a DOTAS Accelerated Payment Notice, a discovery assessment, or some other correspondence from HMRC that is worrying you, please let us know.  Our tax experts can help you secure the best possible outcome.

Property and taxes

Many of our clients like to get involved with property development and property investment, both residential and commercial.  However, with multiple changes to the property taxation rules over the last decade, many property portfolios are held in a way that may not be tax efficient.  We help our clients structure new developments, and re-configure their existing property portfolios, using the tax reliefs that are available.