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Tailored to our clients

Our services are tailored and consistently crafted to align with the specific requirements of our clients. Fully independent, we engage in partnerships with a varied network of professionals, including Independent Trustees, legal experts, and financial advisers.



Our signature feature is innovative product design, which opens up maximum avenues for pension savings. We take great pride in being the architects of the DBSSAS and leading the way in the UK with this product.


A leader in our field, renowned among actuarial firms for the expertise of our staff and dedicated to offering a highly efficient, focused service, that enables clients to stay informed, actively engaged and firmly in control of their financial affairs.

Actuarial services we offer

WBR Actuarial distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive suite of actuarial consultancy services for all types of occupational pension schemes. In contrast to larger and often more costly actuarial consulting firms, we prioritise value for money alongside a commitment that ensures our clients have a clear understanding of the our services and the benefits they can expect.

  • SSAS actuarial services
  • DBSSAS maximum contribution analysis
  • Scheme actuary appointment for trustees
  • Corporate financial planning (using DB principles)
  • Actuarial appointments to pre-paid funeral plans
  • Pension sharing on divorce
  • Pension design and consolidations for corporates (supporting M&A)

If you have any enquiries relating to our Actuarial Services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly with David Downie or Alan Finch, via the contact form below.

David Downie

Managing Director – SSAS & Actuarial


David Downie
Managing Director – SSAS & Actuarial

David left the sunny shores of Trinidad on a scholarship to pursue his education in the UK. He qualified as a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and has accrued over 30 years of experience in Pensions & Actuarial Consultancy and holds the Scheme Actuary certificate.

A pioneer, he developed the defined benefit small self-administered scheme and designed and created WBR’s DB SSAS which has proved a very successful alternative to a traditional SSAS given the right circumstances. David also gives time to many pension and actuarial industry committees and working parties. He advises Trustee Boards of larger corporate pension schemes and funeral plan trusts and assists solicitors when pension splitting on divorce is required, including providing independent expert reports for the courts.

David continues to support the Soca-Warriors the T&T national football team and with his wife has set up a small Christian charity – Advent Worldwide – to provide financial help with gifts of love and compassion to individuals and for ministry training.

Alan Finch

Senior Actuary

Alan Finch
Senior Actuary

Alan is Senior Actuary at WBR Group, and has over 20 years Financial Services experience, including 8 years in the Wealth Management Division of Barclays.

He is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, holds a Scheme Actuary practising certificate and is Scheme Actuary to a number of Final Salary schemes.

In addition to this, Alan is a member of IFOA’s Pensions Consultations subcommittee, the ACA’s Consultation Subcommittee and the ACA’s Tax Subcommittee.

Alan has also served as honorary Secretary of the Association of Member-Directed Pension Schemes (AMPS).

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