Why use WBR SSAS?

We are an expert SSAS pension administrator, dedicated to the professional operation of schemes for business owners, SMEs, entrepreneurs and family companies.

There are excellent taxation advantages for SSASs and these can be an integral part of wider tax planning opportunities for business owners.

Our SSAS experience is unparalleled

Over 4,000 SSAS clients

Traditional DC proposition with DBSSAS available

£4 billion of client assets under administration

3,500 commercial properties held as investments

Strong technical & actuarial teams

Salisbury Office

The administration of a SSAS is an important and on-going process to ensure each scheme operates efficiently, remains compliant with all regulations and serves the best interests of its members.

Our SSASs are administered in-house by our own exceptional people who include technical experts, actuaries, experienced senior executives, dedicated SSAS administrators and trustee consultants.

Bolton Admin

The service is personalised and pragmatic. We start from the belief that every client is different. Solutions are tailored, and delivered with a high level of Director-led customer service.

Your scheme will be managed by a committed team of skilled administrators, and you will always know who to contact. Additionally, our specialist teams, such as for commercial property, are ready to assist you.

There is a lot to be said for simplicity. With WBR, there is no complex menu of charges, and instead a single annual administration fee agreed with you. There are no surprises.

Administration simplicity is enhanced as we ask clients to use one of our preferred banking partners for their SSAS banking requirements. Full details of these and current interest rates are available here.


We work in tandem with your other professional advisers (usually these are financial advisers and accountants),  to ensure the most suitable solution is offered. However a SSAS often requires other professional input in areas such as investment management, property and insurance matters as well as legal advice.

The building of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with professional advisers is central to the culture of the entire WBR Group.

Benefits of choosing WBR


As the UK's largest independent SSAS provider, you can be assured that our team have the necessary experience to help you with advice on all matters SSAS.

Contributions & Transfers

Understand how contributions can be made to a SSAS & who can make them. Also, whether your SSAS can benefit from transferring-in other pensions you may have.

Scheme Administration

We provide a complete administration service so you can concentrate on your life. Our expertise will help you in reducing the risks of running a SSAS.

Scheme Establishment

Setting up a new SSAS is not something to try on your own. Let WBR SSAS help to achieve your aims. We welcome new clients, and will do all the leg work on your behalf.

Scheme Takeover

If you already have a SSAS but you do not feel in control, WBR is here to help you. We can step in and look after your SSAS when, for whatever reason, your expectations are not being met.

SSAS investments

You are able to choose from a wide list of permitted investments and it is the trustees who make investment decisions. Our role is to facilitate the trustees investment preferences wherever possible.

Talk to us today

An important part of our personal service is that we offer all our SSAS clients an annual Trustee Meeting. Our experienced team of Trustee Consultants are here to provide that expert input. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly with them, or via the contact form below.

Catherine Billington

Trustee Consultant

Catherine Billington

Catherine Billington
Trustee Consultant

Justine Osborne

Senior Trustee Consultant

Justine Osborne

Justine Osborne
Senior Trustee Consultant

Daniel Thomas

Trustee Consultant

Daniel Thomas
Trustee Consultant

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