Peter Collier

Peter Collier
Director of Marketing and Distribution

WBR Group (WBR), the UK’s largest independent provider of SSAS services and tax experts recently took over Leicester’s National Space Centre (NSC) for an all-day staff event known as ‘Discovery 2023’.

Over 120 team members attended and were joined in the evening by clients, contacts and friends of the business.

A real highlight of the day was the special guest speaker, Mandy Hickson. A former RAF fighter pilot, Mandy was only the second woman to fly the Tornado GR4 on the front line, amassing over 30 years’ experience within aviation, completing three tours of duty and 45 missions over Iraq. She is a sought-after motivational speaker and led WBR staff on a flight of Discovery to understand risk management, leadership and team working. Amusing anecdotes and the odd image of Tom Cruise gave the audience some great memories.

Director of Marketing and Distribution Peter Collier commented, “This was a fantastic day and from the moment everyone arrived for the rocket launch in the iconic 45m high Rocket Tower we knew it was going to be a success. The NSC is a must see venue and Mandy’s talk was mesmeric and amusing in equal doses. The excitement of our rocket building workshops had us working together like never before and an inspirational speech from CEO Tom Moore outlining the future vision for the business brought everyone together as one.”

In the last two years, WBR Group has grown significantly. It has relocated its head office in Leicester and also expanded geographically across the UK with offices in Salisbury, Bolton and Wimbledon.